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Vision and Values 


During 2014, myself and my Senior Management Team undertook a piece of consultation work with a focus group of our staff, service users, volunteers and partners to ensure our mission, vision and values communicated a clear sense of direction for Home Support Services as part of our work with Investors In People, Dignity In Care and the Social Care Commitment.

Since its first establishment in 1994 and from my purchase of the company in 1999, this has been a family operated and orientated business. Home Support Services has always believed in putting the people we serve first. So our mission, vision and values are concerned with behaviours and attitudes to ensure the people we care for are at the very heart of our organisation and everything we do.

Our mission statement is:

“Trusted to provide quality care in the community”

To keep us focussed on our mission, we have reviewed and refreshed our organisation vision statement which is:

“Our team is recognised and respected as being the BEST at what they do”  

and we have refreshed Home Support Services values; these are:

  • Recognise and value people’s differences
  • Ensure we do as we say we do
  • Support personal wellbeing and quality of life
  • Put people first
  • Enable and support our staff
  • Continue to work in partnership
  • Take pride in what we do

Treating all people with ‘RESPECT’ is at the heart of everything we do and it is central to maximising TRUSTED COMMUNITY partnership relationships which are essential when we PROVIDE QUALITY CARE based on core values such as ‘DIGNITY’. These values are backed up by definitions of the required behaviour that underpins them and gives more detail and focus for quality assurance, managing performance and developing our staff:

Recognise and value people’s differences

  • Appreciating and celebrating diversity in staff and service users
  • Tackling stigma and promoting inclusion
  • Supporting and collaborating with colleagues and carers
  • Showing commitment to working together

Ensure we do as we say as we do

  • Maintaining the highest standards of behaviour and accountability
  • Openness and honesty in communication in a non-threatening environment
  • Working with integrity to ethical principles
  • Respecting confidentiality

Support personal wellbeing and quality of life

  • Challenging the status quo to create support plans that promote wellbeing and independence
  • Building on individual strengths
  • Improving both mental and physical health and wellbeing
  • Creating hope, opportunities and a sense of belonging

Put people first

  • Listening to and acting on the views of service users and their carers
  • Caring for people as individuals
  • Treating people with compassion
  • Judging every issue by considering the outcome for service users, and promoting their wellbeing and safety

Enable and support our staff

  • Providing a supportive working environment aligned to best employment practice
  • Ensuring all staff receive regular supervision and annual performance appraisal
  • Recognising and rewarding achievement
  • Maintaining and developing the skills and knowledge of all staff

Continue to work in partnership

  • Engaging with and supporting our local community
  • Working in partnership with others
  • Learning from others experience
  • Constantly seeking to improve quality, effectiveness and efficiency

Take pride in what we do

  • Leading by example, innovating and searching for improvement in community services and the independent health and social care sector
  • Promoting confidence in colleagues, the care teams and the organisation
  • Celebrating our successes, both individually and organisationally
  • Valuing our workplaces and care environments

Our vision and values will be reviewed periodically with all stakeholders which includes staff and service users to enable us all to remain focussed on individual outcomes, goals, shared aims, objectives and organisational short, medium and long term plans.

Marie Hulland

MD Owner

Home Support Services

April 2015

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